Why I Blog

Ever think your reality is a little dull? It would take 700 hours of heavily edited footage to produce a 1 hour reality show on my life. Even then, I am not sure it would be interesting enough to keep most people from changing the channel. My life, like many others, doesn’t usually have enough highs or lows to amount to cables idea of good t.v. Why then, do I blog on everyday occurrences? Here is why:

  1. They challenge me to take my thoughts captive. Sometimes my thoughts run wild and can become a dangerous playground for lies. Blogging is an exercise of taking those thoughts captive and asking God to expose lies and teach truth.
  2. They enable me to share the power of scripture. I see biblical principles in mundane things and I share truth thru them. I like to tell stories. The stories alone are powerless, they are just me having fun and being who God made me, the power is in the purpose behind each story. The heart of every post is just this: I love God’s word, it’s powerful, and it speaks to me. When God speaks, I listen. Then sometimes I blog.
  3. They invite. You and I might never get a chance to sit down and share our hearts over tea. With this blog, and the stories shared, I’m inviting you to listen and engage in an ongoing conversation I have with the Lord. Why would you want to? You might not… but since you’ve read this far, I will say this: I feel called by God to extend the invitation, it’s really up to Him who actually comes. There are a lot of lies floating around on the web, I’d like to be a part of adding a little Truth. If you’d like to partner with me, you can by sharing this blog with friends, leaving comments, or sharing your own story in an e-mail.
Pursuing Gods purpose in life never gets dull, because even thru ordinary occurrences God speaks, directs, and challenges the believer. Find something you love and serve God thru it.
Ask yourself these three questions:
Does what you are doing:
  • Challenge you in a weak area
  • Enable you to share the gospel and the power of Scripture
  • Invite others into the conversation (ie discipleship)
If you can answer yes, then do that thing with everything that you have. If not, why not?
Praying you would know God’s purpose for your life this week.
Be a part of this conversation:
What are some of the things you do that challenge, enable and invite? What are some of the difficulties you’ve experienced?

4 thoughts on “Why I Blog

  1. Am I the first to respond? Nice post!!!!

    Serving in Five Stones (anti-human trafficking org) challenges me daily. At first, when God brought this issue to my attention, and did so in a way that to not act would be disobedient, He simply allowed me to respond in a way that was comfortable and easy for me. Had He told me what was down the road, I would have run…fast and far…but now here I am serving in ways that are so beyond my comfort zone and giftings that I have no choice by to cling to Him. And, honestly, sometimes the most challenging part is that, through my role in this org, He is revealing sin…sin that has entwined and engulfed me…lack of trust, fear of man, pride, and so much more…sin that has kept me from living in joy and freedom.

    Through Five Stones I’ve had the opportunity to share God’s truth with victims but more so with other believers as we share God’s heart for the oppressed. We want people to be so in love with God…and so in awe of HIs grace…that deeds of justice overflow from their lives and He is glorified.

    The discipleship in this example has come — and will come — while serving the oppressed and those God calls to this ministry. For victims, the invitation is to meet the only One who can rescue and restore. For oppressors, the invitation is to meet the One who forgives and heals. For Christians, the invitation is to seek the God of justice…the selfless Savior who died that we might live…that we, too, might die to self and bring THE LIFE to others.

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