The Stand

I should have minded my own business, that’s the lie I heard today.

When I saw a woman weeping, And I couldn’t look away.


I couldn’t close my eyes, she wasn’t going anywhere,

and it seemed a little awkward to pretend I didn’t care


I had no remedy for her heartbreak, Nothing I had quite seemed to fit.

I was helpless to console her, but somehow I would not quit.


I couldn’t heal her broken heart, I couldn’t take back what she lost,

And how could I convince her, anything was worth the cost?


You see, I’ve never lost a child, but then, even if I had

Her pain would not be my pain, and she’d still ache just as bad


What she needed in that moment, I was powerless to give,

But I told her about a God, who sent His son that she might live.


He’s counted every teardrop, and He knows each star by name,

And although sorrow overwhelms us, by His mercy, He sustains


It took 10 minutes from my day, To stand and listen to her share,

And I saw joy in troubled eyes, amazed that anyone would care


To take 10 minutes of my time, on a pretty normal day,

To stand and listen to a stranger, when I could have walked away.


I should have minded my own business, besides, what would people say,

Certainly, I had an angle, or some great reward along the way.


So here it is, my driving factor, the motivation of my heart,

There are too many hurting people, and loving them is just a start.


If I don’t give them Jesus, I’ve not really loved at all.

I’ve just covered up their wounds, and laid thin padding for their fall.


He is the only one who heals.

He is the only one who saves.

He is the alpha and omega.

He is the Name above all Names.


And He came to break the chains of sin, to set the captives free,

But in minding my own business, I forget, those are the chains, that once held me.


Sometimes I meet people who make me want to be more like Jesus. Not because of what they do, but because I realize I am powerless to help them. He is enough.

What are some of the obstacles you face when reaching out to hurting people? I’d love to pray for you.

God bless you as you grow in love.

14 thoughts on “The Stand

  1. Thanks for sharing this Shaena! So often I am faced with feeling like I just don’t have the time to stop.. I have somewhere to be, I’m going to be late! But if only I would stop and take just 10 minutes or however long it takes and always remember that though I make plans He directs my steps I can only imagine the many lives that could be changed in just those moments!

  2. Dear Shaena,

    For some reason after reading this-something popped in my head that I want to share with you. Last Feb I had a bowel resection. I was in the hospital with an epidural and I could not stop itching. I was allergic to the epidural but I needed it to manage my pain. I had scratched myself all over, I couldn’t stop. The nurse came in and without asking me got lotion and started gently rubbing it all over my red skin. It felt so good to have someone do that. I was so touched that a stranger could show me love like that. Her touch was calming and she told me ” Stop, calm down…it is going to be okay.” Last Sunday at church I started thinking about that and started to cry. I know that God was telling me ” Stop, be calm…it is going to be okay.”

    Thank you for sharing.

    • What a beautiful example of someone showing the love of Jesus to you. Thank you for sharing your heart and your story Amanda. I love when God provides quiet moments in trials.

      This really ministered to me tonight. Thank you.

      Praying for you.

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