I love fireworks.

I love lying on blankets next to my husband and my kids, watching the fireworks burst with color and fill the empty sky. Few other things can get us outside in Phoenix in July. Fireworks are special.

Last night was exceptional. The four of us snuggling together surrounded by thousands, and yet completely alone. Getting caught sneaking peaks at the kids watching the display with wonder and amusement in their eyes.  Even my son, who spent the majority of the night complaining and pretending not to be interested, was eventually sucked in by the excitement of it all. I saw a glimpse of that same amusement in my grown husband as I watched him looking on knowingly, expectantly, and with anticipation for each new explosion of color.

I probably watched the three of them as much as I watched the actual show. And all the while watching, I could help but think:

Lord, would you just amaze us one more time?

Not because we’ve earned it, certainly not because we deserve it, and maybe because we could never earn it or deserve it.

Would you just surprise us?

Could you just do the things that only You can do so that this whole city will look to the heavens with the same wonder and amazement that a child watching fireworks has.

Lord, would you bring revival?

Resurrect the hearts of men and women who have fallen asleep or just forgotten that you are God and there is no other.

REMOVE the obstacles that keep us looking inward with fear and anxiety instead of upward with anticipation and expectancy.

Lord, could we… could I ask forgiveness?

Because You know that there is shame, and it’s conflicting, and it’s blinding. But your grace has set us free!

God, could you just open our eyes?

Restore HOPE, PEACE, and UNITY. And together, make us a city on hill and beacon of Truth for all the world.

Would you just remind us?

That your word is truth, and your promises will endure, and that you have asked only that we be FAITHFUL.

Would you make us FAITH FILLED also?

I echo the cries of countless others who plead:

Pour out your Spirit, rain down your love, surprise us with a greater display of power than we can dream up,

AND Just Come!!


I’m really not sure what else there is to say.

I love fireworks.

Heck, I love anything that forces me to look up and remember that greater things are still to come.

2 Corinthians 4:16

Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.

Praying for you today. That you would echo the hearts of many and beg God to restore wonder and amazement as we wait knowingly, expectantly, and with anticipation for His kingdom come. And maybe, there are a few of you who will be so bold as to echo a cry of your own.


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