Project Zoë

When I was in Catholic school they taught me that if my arms are down at my side and the hem of my skirt was shorter than the tips of my fingertips, my skirt was too short.

Americas Next Top Model taught me that short and tight is the quickest way to look like a workin’ girl… and not the 9-5 kind.

Look, I didn’t grow up in the church. “Modest is the hottest” is not a phrase I heard until much too late to undo a few of my more serious fashion faux pas. Fortunately, social media was not as popular in those days (thank you Jesus). Also, my mom taught me it was not a good idea to WANT to look like a working girl, so there was that. Unfortunately, not everyone went to Catholic school, saw that episode of ANTM, or had my mom…

And. That’s. A. Real. Shame.

Because, like it or not, what we wear matters.

In fact, the way you dress can be the key or the killer to your success. And unfortunately for young girls everywhere, Hollywood usually sets a supper crappy example.

For that reason I am thrilled to tell you about Project Zoë. This boutique styled organization’s mission is to instill hope and self-confidence in “at-risk” women (ages 13-21) by teaching them how to dress for success! Ya’ll, these girls at Project Zoë aren’t just interested in changing the outward appearance; the organizations mission is “to build Christ-centered relationships”. Through appointment based style sessions, workshops, and special events, the PZ team is aiming straight for the heart of each and every girl they meet.  And they are not stopping there! The goal is to empower girls with the skills and tools necessary to get and keep a job! AND to challenge them to know and appreciate their true value.

In a world where a woman’s worth is significantly diminished every time she turns on the TV, it ought to get us fired up to see an organization encouraging and empowering girls to be the best versions of themselves.

If you live in the Albuquerque area you can contact Project Zoë by email:, or Facebook. They are currently accepting clothing and accessary items, as well as monetary donations. Here are a couple pics from their totally legit boutique:



If you made it to the end of this blog would you do me a favor and pray for Project Zoë. Maybe you know a young girl who would benefit from a style session, heck… maybe you were that young girl once. PRAY, and ask God to move.

I’m so thankful for this beautiful vision to equip and empower young girls. I pray that more women would be moved to action. And I pray together we would change the world.

PS- Now for the question at least one of you asked herself… How do you get those cute lil dots above the ë? Option. U. E… you are welcome.

Have a blessed week friends.




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