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  1. Hi,

    I got here i do not know by chance or luck, i too love writing, tried a blog but went a notch higher and started a website. Well, thing is a website is wider and bigger and i need help in making it a useful piece of God’s ministry. Some articles are written by me, some are shared by others and i upload, some are from Christian books and some especially the stories are those things i read and think they are so touching they will touch someone else.

    I would love if you would please help me in the website. I could link the site to your blog and probably share your posts on the site with credit to you of course.

    Thanks alot

  2. I really enjoyed reading this as I was super encouraged. First off, I can relate to this following quote, and wish I wrote m thoughts down more to get everything straight. ” I started the She Laughs blog because writing things down really helps me use the truth in my heart to de-clutter the mess in my head.” Also, I super loved this: “Don’t let your circumstance rob you from the joy you were meant to have in Christ! God loves you, he died for you, and He will rock your world if you let Him!” What a great encourager you are!

    -Tasha, The Bridge Chicago

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