My heart is not the boss of me.


FICKLE: likely to change, especially due to caprice, irresolution, or instability; casually changeable: fickle weather (


Yesterday I realized something very important about myself.

My heart is fickle.

Look, this isn’t always a bad thing. It usually means when I get upset about something, it is rarely for very long… that’s really good right? (Rationalization is an awesome form of denial)

My heart is fickle.

One day I want to climb the tallest mountain and scream out for revival and then go door to door splashing people in the face with water until they wake up to the reality that they are on a merry go round going no where! (Side note: I don’t recommend splashing ANYONE in the face with water as a form of evangelism or…pretty much… ever.)

And the next day, I don’t even want to go outside.

My heart is fickle.

Before you start handing out the Zoloft samples (which btw- I’d have no problem taking if I thought it would help), let me reassure you, I am not depressed… or bipolar… my heart is just fickle.

Which is why, my heart is not the boss of me!

 “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure…who can understand it” Jeremiah 17:9

When I let my heart do the driving, my life becomes a scattered mess of confusing emotions that can go from 0-60 and then back again in no time at all.

That is why I let God direct my steps and not my heart!

My heart is fickle, but God never changes!

“I the LORD do not change!” Malachi 3:6

Um…can I get an AMEN!! He never changes!

What that means for you and me is this:

  • When my heart is fickle, bouncing from being broken, to bewildered, and then absolutely thrilled by what He has called me to do- His heart remains the exact same.
  • When nothing around me is constant or sure, He never changes. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever” Hebrews 13:8.
    • His love never changes
    • His mercy never changes
    • His goodness never changes
    • His ability to provide never changes
    • And… His will for my life never changes!!!

My heart might be fickle, but my God is constant.

An encouragement for girls like me, with fickle hearts that make life a little unpredictable: Your heart is not the boss of you, God is. No matter what else changes around you, and no matter how you feel about those changes, God in all His greatness will never change. Don’t follow your heart, follow Jesus.

 Praying for you, that you’d have steady hearts that rest in a God who never changes. 

 What about you, is your heart fickle? How do you encourage girls like you? Leave a comment.


Share Your Story: A Moment in the Mind of Shealeen Puckett

“You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”. John Lennon

Dreams are radical, powerful, uncontainable thoughts that propel us to realize the boundless potential we have in Christ. When in accordance with God’s will, I might add, they are unstoppable! More than anything else, I get stoked to see people taking God at His word and living their dreams.

Shealeen Puckett is one of those people. She and her sister Elle are the faces behind the music of Poema, a pop/country duo from Rio Rancho, NM.

Besides being ridiculously adorable and insanely musically
talented (seriously you’ll want to click this link), Shealeen is also a brilliant intro-personal story-teller (a word I just invented to mean a person who tells stories to themselves… I’d like to add it to wikipedia since it’s more common that I thought) When @shealeenlouise confessed earlier this week,

Weird quirk I have: I’m always narrating my life in my head and describing people/situations like my life is a novel.

I begged her to share this wonderfully fun talent with you! So without saying anything more, I give you:
A Moment in the Mind of Shealeen Puckett

“As Shealeen walks out of the library she feels the stares of others around her. In her wrinkled sweatpants, mismatched socks (one white, one green), stained grey sweater, and messy, unbrushed hair, she knows she is probably a fearsome sight to behold. To top it all off, she is painfully aware of the squeaking sound her new leather shoes make with every step. A curious problem, easy to acknowledge in the pin-drop-silence of a library. She laughs silently as she drops her assortment of new literature on the passenger seat and starts the ignition. Her mode of transportation – a large purple passenger van that she and her siblings use for touring in. The irony of it all was amusing.

She had recently sold her own car so that they could afford the van. A reasonable decision at the time, but driving a monstrous vehicle around town now seems to her uncomfortable. The car uses as much gasoline as a small airplane and makes her look more like a soccer mom than a touring musician. A soccer mom who, from the looks of it, get’s dressed in the dark”

I know this is a silly example, but if you could have heard my thoughts as I left the library a few afternoons ago, it would have sounded very similar to this. My musings often sound like a book narration. I’m not sure why, but I’m guessing that it’s because I’ve been a bookworm throughout my life. Books are fascinating! They can break our hearts, make us laugh, make us think, make us reflect, all because of a specific arrangement of different words!
I love a good story. There is something so inspiring about great characters, interesting settings, complex plot, and a satisfying resolution.
But I often remind myself is this: Nobody would read a story that didn’t have a little conflict! Who wants to read about people who never have anything go wrong in their cushy lives? A good story needs adversity! It develops character and ultimately leads to a more rewarding “happily ever after.”
Obviously nobody likes to go through unpleasant circumstances, but every great story needs a little trouble. God writes our stories as we go through this life! And the life God has for His children is better than the best book you’ve ever read. Someday the story of our time on earth will be complete. Bound and sealed. No more opportunity for edits or directional change. When we reach that point, what kind of story will our lives tell? One of courageous leaps of faith; willingly following our maker wherever He leads us? Or one of cowardice; unwilling to go where there could be danger? I don’t think that a comfortable; risk-free life ever made for interesting reading!

“Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.” Philippians 1:6


Shealeen, you are the sweetest of the sweet! Thanks for sharing for the awesome reminder that God is the author of our story and the finisher of our faith! So thankful He fulfills our wildest dreams by making us His children!

You can get more details on Poema at Follow Shealeen:@shealeenlouise and @Poemaofficial